How we can help you

Looking for affordable medical equipment? We’ve got you!

Doc Surge specializes in equipment that can be used at home, hospitals, clinics and any facility that renders healthcare services. We take pride in the unicity of our customers. We’ve got products for everyone


Our model of business

At Doc Surge, You, the customer comes first. We have shaped our business to suit your needs and preferences.


Our mission

We want to remain obsessed with our customers.

Always shape our services based on your needs is our goal. Don’t be surprised to see us ask for your feedbacks as our relationship with you grows.

We understand that change is inevitable and when change is for the better, we absolutely love it.

Being flexible and attached to your needs, is our mission.


Why Doc Surge?

We founded Doc Surge to bring you a medical supply chain that focuses on the need of its customers first.

Having worked in the medical industry for more than a decade, we have realized that the likes of transparency, Integrity and timely deliveries were sadly just a neglected parts of this industry we love.

That’s why we have designed a model of service that we believe will meet your requirements and prove that you can have a great service during your procurement of equipment.



We are committed to keep you in the loop with the progress of your orders from pre sales through the ordering process and delivery all the way to the post sales assistance. We commit to be there every step of the way.



We are committed to provide you the best equipment at cost effective price and within a timely delivery because we understand the importance of these products you require.

We make sure you come out as the hero that you are.